Club Night Only Membership:

    Club night membership allows swimmers to compete on club nights and Churchie Swim Club hosted meets only.

    Competitive Membership:

    Competitive membership allows swimmers to compete on club nights, club championships and compete at meets hosted by, not only Churchie Swim Club but those meets affiliated with Brisbane Swimming, Swimming Queensland and Swimming Australia .

    Competitive membership must be processed through  Swim Central

    This includes renewals, new competitive membership or upgrade to competitive membership.

    Churchie Swim Club is governed by its Management Rules and a copy may be found on the club’s website. We urge members to become familiar with this document although it is presently being reviewed by the Management Committee.

    The Club specifically wants to draw attention to the following rules which all members are required to adhere to:

    • Members and their families are required to be respectful and courteous in their interaction with other members, their families, coaches, staff of Queensland Swimming and Swimming Australia as well as the committees of the Club;
    • Members are required to have read, understand and uphold the behavioural guidelines set out by Swimming Australia;
    • Members are to refrain from any form of abuse, harassment, victimisation and discrimination towards others;
    • Members are to exhibit good sportsmanship at all times and to be good role models and ambassadors for the Club and not damage the reputation of the Club or its members;
    • Members are to adhere to the directions of the Management Committee in relation to the official uniform and behaviour. It is a specific requirement that only the Club’s official shirt and cap be worn to all swimming carnivals and official functions unless otherwise directed;
    • Members are required to follow the dispute and complaints resolution procedure below in relation to unresolved problems;
    • Members are required to adhere to the rules applicable to swimming carnivals and camps from time to time set by coaches and the Management Committee;

    PLEASE NOTE: It is a requirement that at least one parent from each family with swimmers as Club members become a parent member of the Club. There is no cost associated with this membership category.


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